Hello and welcome! So happy to see that you've found my blog!

My name is Veronika but you can call me Kika.

I've always had a rich imagination and a lot of stuff going on in my head. My inner life has taken me to incredible heights creatively but also gets me into trouble when I start to over analyze and self-doubt.

I've got a MA in choreography and a background as a contemporary dancer. I also have a small knitwear label called Kutova Kika that I started after years of being a passionate knitter, and friends who didn't stop bugging me to knit them stuff.

At the moment I'm really into visual storytelling and share (almost) daily pictures on my Instagram account. My style has been described as moody, artsy and dreamy, if you are picturing a really cool French movie type thingy right now you're on the right track.

Anyways, this blog is a place where I share personal stories and creative projects that make my heart beat faster and my creative fingertips itch.

I'm currently living in Stockholm with my boyfriend and *squeal* two cats! Which is a dream come true. The cats that is. The boyfriend is nice too.

Thank you for reading!

xx Kika

A blog about the things that make my heart beat faster